Madden 07 Challenge Kicks off September 1st

It is that time of year again, football season. And as the football season rolls around with training camp, hold outs, rookie signings, contract negations, cuts, and preseason games, for gamers, the number one football related thing that is on their mind is the release of the madly popular game series, the Madden franchise. And this year is no different with Madden 07 due in stores in just a few days and the Madden Challenge just around the corner. It was announced today that the Madden Challenge will be held this year in the US and International countries and will kick off on September 1st.

The challenge gives players from all over the globe a chance to showcase their Madden Skills and make it to the finals to compete for $100,000 at the pro Bowl in Hawaii. The tournament is held every year and this year, it is sponsored by Microsoft and Best Buy. This year, the tournament will be International as players from 26 plus regions in the US will joining gamers from 5 other parts of the world to compete for the championship. There will be two divisions of the tournament, one for the XBOX and another for the XBOX 360.

It is unclear how many people will come out and compete for a chance at the money and glory, but last year, over 10,000 people in the United States came out to play and we can expect more this year as the tournament will be drawing International gamers as well.

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