XBOX 360 HD DVD Drive to cost $200

There are many rumors floating around about it the newest consoles, especially the XBOX 360 and the XBOX 360 HD DVD Drive that was recently confirmed by a Microsoft Official at the DVD Forum in Los Angeles. (Check the archives for the full post about this) . Now, multiple sources are saying that the external drive, which will allow gamers and movie lovers to watch DVD’s in high definition using their XBOX 360, will cost around $200.

My take on this situation? $200 is far too high a price. I recommend taking that money and buying a regular HD DVD Player and saving $50-$100 (edit by ZipCrash: current HD-DVD players start at $500 and go up, this saves atleast $300).

Again, this is just a rumor, and if something becomes official, we will let you know here at video game news.

  1. WaBasH
    August 16, 2006

    Saving money by buying a stand alone HD-DVD player. I don't even understand how you could say that. Toshiba's first HD-DVD player, base model retails for $500. I think this price is pretty decent considering HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players are starting out at $500 and going up to $1,000.

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