Ninety-Nine Nights Released Today

The next title in the Xbox 360’s growing exclusive library hit shelves today. Ninety-Nine Nights (N3 for short) is described as a “fantasy action game for Xbox 360 that allows players to experience an immersive and emotional story though the eyes of good and evil while they fight among hundreds of fellow soldiers through an epic adventure of fantasy and action.” Basically N3 is a hack ‘n slash action game much in the vein of Dystany Warriors. However unlike Dystany Warriors, Ninety-Nine Nights will use the power of the Xbox 360 to put hundreds of enemies on screen at once and the game will also do away with Dystany Warriors distance fog system which will allow you to see further and plan ahead. Will this be enough to make the game more than just another hack ‘n slash action title? The world finds out today.

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