Sega Brings Back Classic Genesis Games to PS2, PSP, and Wii

For all of you old schoolers who were fans of the old Sega Genesis games, Sega has decided to bundle together 30 of its most popular games and make them available for the Wii, Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable. The full list of games that Sega would be releasing has not been launched, but all of them will most likely be from the late eighties to the nineties. The games that Sega has announced include Golden Axe, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shinobi III, Altered Beast, and a Phantasy Star game.

There isn’t much information on this subject right now but as anything becomes official by Sega, we will let you know here at video game news. Expect a full list of the classic games being brought back for the newer consoles here as soon as Sega announces them to the public.

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