Rothlisberger to get Cover on New NFL Backyard Football Game

Ben Rothlisberger, the quarterback of the Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers, may be known better for the off season motorcycle crash that nearly took his life, then his achievements on the field. Rothlisberger, who won the Super Bowl in just his second season as a NFL pro, is considered to be one of the best NFL Quarterbacks. However, just a few weeks ago, he was riding on his motorcycle through Pittsburgh without wearing a helmet when he was hit by a car and nearly killed. He was in the hospital for a nearly a week but is now ok and expected to start for the Steelers in 2006-2007. What does any of this have to do with video games?

Rothlisberger just signed on to be on the cover of the newest NFL Backyard Football Game. The game is rated E for everyone and will cost $29.99. Shawn Alexander, the running back of the Seattle Seahawks who won the season MVP award and led Seattle to the Super Bowl where they were defeated by Rothlisberger Steelers, got the cover of the world’s most popular football video game series, the Madden franchise.

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