PSP Price Drop?

There is a rumor flying around right now that Sony may drop the price of the PSP to $149 this holiday season. This would be a $50 drop from $199. You may remember that this March, Sony decided to drop the price of the PSP from $249 to $199 to help increase sales. This latest price drop is not official as nothing is being announced by Sony yet. However, this price drop seems logical as it would help generate sales during the holiday season and help Sony be more competitive with the Nintendo DS Lite which retails for $129.

When a Sony official was asked about the rumors, he said that nothing had been officially announced and that he had no comment on the rumors and speculation.

This rumor is reported to have started when a report was published in CNN Money that some analysts speculated that Sony would drop the price to make the console more competitive in an International market. American Technology Research’s P.J. McNealy is one of the many who believes the handheld’s price will fall to $149.

Again, nothing is official, but we will keep you posted on all the latest on the speculated price drop of the Playstation Portable here at Video Game News.

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