Interview With Halo Director

Ain’t It Cool News got a chance to interview Neill Blomkamp, the recently announced director of the upcoming Halo feature film. You can read the full interview here but this is one part that I found interesting:

“Quint: How faithful do you plan on staying to the design of Master Chief’s armor?

Neill Blomkamp: Master Chief is certainly something that I do not want to change too much at all, there are certain things inside the Halo universe that are sacred and he’s the main one.
Having said that, there is a need to revise certain parts of him, just from a purely technical standpoint, he has to actually be able to move, like a human, and the game design right now does not allow for full motion freedom, which we will have to achieve.

Quint: Guy in a suit? CGI creation? Mixture of both?

Neill Blomkamp: Well, the film has to have a feeling of reality, and so that means that I want to keep him real as much as I can, there is a necessity for him to become cg in sequences where a guy in a suit would just not work, but for the most part I am aiming for real.”

It sure sounds like Neill is trying to do this movie right instead of making Halo into just another cruddy video game movie adaptation.

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