EA Brings Newest NBA Street Game to XBOX 360 and PS3

Electronic Arts arcade style basketball game, NBA Street has become one of the most popular basketball video game series in the world. The game allows players to school opponents with ankle breaking movies and soar above the rims for slam dunk worthy jams. The game is a “pick up and play” game so many gamers just like to play the computer or a friend in the quick game mode, although there is a story mode as well. So, far three volumes of the game have been released into the marketplace and today,. EA announced that it would be bringing the series to the XBOX 360 and PS3. The newest NBA Street game, most likely to be called NBA Street Volume 4 (an official title has not been announced) is likely to debut in stores by sometime in the Spring of next year.

The game will be coming to the XBOX 360 and PS3 for sure and it has not been announced whether EA will be developing the game for older consoles such as the PS2 and original XBOX or for any handheld consoles such as Sony’s Playstation Portable.

The newest installment in the NBA Street series does not have a rating or price, though you can expect it to be rated E for everyone and cost around $60. We will keep you updated on any breaking news regarding the game here at Video Game News.

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