Saints Row Soundtrack Announced

The soundtrack of the new Saints Row game was just released today, and the soundtrack has dozens of rap and hip hop songs. The game is the THQ version of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto series. The soundtrack of the game is in certain radio stations where the 130otal songs in the game are grouped into 12 radio stations of different themes that you can choose from.

The game features rappers such as Rhyme Smith, Sy Smith, David Banner, Method Man, Little Brother, Iggy Pop, De La Soul, Editors, and many others. Here are some of the songs that will be featured on the soundtrack.

Strong Arm Steady / “Hurry, Hurry”
Ghostface Killah and Trife Da God / “Man Up”
Rhymefest / “Shut You Down”
David Banner / “Saints Row”
Daz Dillinger / “Git Out My Way”

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