XBOX 360 Piracy a major Problem in China

XBOX 360 Piracy is a growing problem in countries such as China where games such as Hitman : Blood Money can be bought for prices as low as $4. This is quite a drop from the $60 regular price tag and now, more and more games are being pirated and there are dozens of vendors which are selling pirated games and are left unregulated. This will case a major problem for game creators who are already feeling the effects of decreased sales due to the volume of games that are being pirated overseas. The situation is slowly spiring out of control.

In a report with a Microsoft official, he said that the security of the XBOX 360 has not been damaged, but from the looks of it, it finally looks like hackers have been able to crack the console. There as a hack for the XBOX last year that allowed gamers to save games so that they could rent them r borrow them from a friend and then save them own the game.

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