PS3 Investment will Break Even ……… in Five Years

A major scare for many of those considering to bring their video games to the Playstation 3 has been the cost of producing games for the consoles. Many game makers have also decided not to bring their games to the PS3 in 2006 because of the seemingly lack of interest in purchasing the console. Sony has been criticized heavily for the high price tag of its next generation console and many experts believe that the Wii will be the winner this holiday season and thus its attracting dozens of game creators. We recently reported that Electronic Arts signed on to create a few games for the Wii this year that should be launched in the coming months.

Sony has now announces, in an effort to help draw more game makers to invest in their console, that all costs associated in creating a game would be paid off withing five years. This alone doesn’t have many game makers jumping out of their seat to develop consoles for the PS3 and it is still unclear what information these predictions are based on.

My take on this announcement by Sony: So What? I doubt few game makers are excited about breaking even on a game five years after it is launched and this information is not supported with any information at all.

If this story develops or Sony provides some backing, we will let you know here at Video Game News.

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