New Fusion Frenzy Game

Fusion Frenzy was one of the best arcade games for the XBOX and now a second version of the game will be launched for the XBOX 360. Fusion Frenzy 2 will feature forty mini games and will be released this holiday season. The game will also allow for online tournaments and match play. This game is on of the best in my opinion and I am going to be eagerly anticipating the arrival of this game.

The game will be created under the Microsoft name, but it will be Hudson who will be creating the game. Hudson has created numerous party games including Bomberman and the Mario Party games.

This year however, the newest Fusion Frenzy game wont be the only party game to it the marketplace. Blitz games will be creating a game that is very similar to the style of the Fusion Frenzy games that will also be released this fourth quarter.

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