Price of Newest GTA Announced

To date, the hottest selling Playstation Portable video game has been the newest Grand Theft Auto game. Now, a new game is in the works for the PSP and the price of the latest GTA game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The original GTA game for the PSP has sold well over million copies and earned over $50 million in revenue since it was released almost a year ago in October 2005. It was announced earlier today by Rockstar games, who develops and promotes the series, that t game would cost just under $50 and would be in stores on October 17th in the US and October 20th in Europe and other countries.

There was no mention on the rating of the game, but chances are, like the vast majority of other GTA games, it will be rated M for Mature. There have been many rumors on the story line of the newest game and we will let you know when something becomes official here at Video Game News.

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