Wii Release Date : November 3rd?

The date that the Nintendo Wii will launch is still up in the air and the newest speculation predicts that the Wii will launch around November 3rd, the same day that the newest Need for Speed game will launch for the Wii. There are a few games that will be launching for the Wii almost three weeks prior to the release date of the newest Need for Speed: Carbon, but multiple sources are now reporting that the Wii may be launched on the same day as the release date of Need for Speed: Carbon as a special launch day bundle.

Again, this is all up in the air and the speculated date of release for the Wii and PS2 is constantly changing; however, Sony has said that it still plans for the November 17th target date. We will keep you updated on the latest news regarding the release dates of these two new consoles here at Video Gme News.

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