Texas Hold ’em in XBOX Live Marketplace Not Free

It was earlier reported that the Texas Hold ‘em download, to come to the XBOX 360 Live Marketplace in a few months would be free to download. Well, Microsoft has now said that the much anticipated download will no longer be free although an official price was not released. In an interview with Joystiq, Xbox Live Arcade Group manager Greg Canessa said that gamers would have to pay to play.

“First of all, [Texas Hold ‘Em Poker] won’t be free. We haven’t decided on what the final price will be, but it will not be free,” he told Joystiq.

The game is still in development and Microsoft is not saying anything on why it decided to change the price. There are a number of rumors flying around, but nothing is official. Also, the game may not be ready in time for the anticipated August 23rd release date and may be pushed back a few days to a few weeks to fully finish, debug, and test the game.

If any other details become available on the XBOX Live Texas Hold ‘em game, we will let you know here at Video Game News.

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