Division of THQ Assigned to make “Cars” Compatible with Next Generation Gaming Consoles

Incinerator Games, a division of the major gaming company THQ which has brought you the Tony Hawk series among countless other best selling games, has just been assigned the task of making the wildly popular game “Cars” compatible with the XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii. The game is based on the smash hit animation film all about Cars. The game version of the movie has been a success as well and has been in the top 10 weekly sales lists on the Playstation 2, Game boy Advance, Nintendo Game Cube, and other consoles.

It is unknown what the size of the team is but THQ did announce that they have hired a “number” of veterans who have been on the projects that created popular games such as the NFL GameDay series and MLB 2006: The Show. The staff has also been awarded future projects for the next generation console.

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