New Bond Game in the Works

Treyarch, a subdivision of Activison Games, has been developing a number of high profile high budget in the games from the Spider Man series of games as well as Call of Duty 3 for the next generation consoles and now, Treyarch has been assigned to produce the newest Bond game.

Tryarch is currently hiring and looking for talented individuals to help design and create the Bond game and mentioned next generation consoles in the job post bud did not specify on which of the new consoles the game would be compatible with.

Activision acquired the rights to the Bond series after EA let their contract expired this May. The license grants Activison sole rights to the Bond character and brand for all console, PC, and handheld video games.

You can expect to wait a while for this game to be released into the marketplace as Treyarch is still hiring game developers and designers to help create the game. We will keep you posted on all the latest news on Treyarch or the newest 007 Bond Series as more information becomes available. Be sure to check back at for all of the latest news and stories surrounding the gaming industry.

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