EA Announces Hall of Fame version of Madden 07

The Hall of Fame Version of the very popular Madden NFL Football Game, the only realistic football simulation video game with NFL players, has just been confirmed for the 2007 version of the game for the Playstation 2 and XBOX 360. The game will be in stores on August 22nd and will retail at $59.99 for the Playstation 2 and $69.99 for the XBOX 360 ($10 more than the price of the standard version which also can be found in stores on the 22nd). The Hall of Fame version will offer an NFL DVD disc and is more of a collector’s item for gamers and sports fans alike.

The Hall of Fame version will also feature a number of extra’s including a video reap of the career of John Madden, the legendary player and coach whose last name is the title of the series.

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