“XBOX Slaying” Trial Begins

In legal news related to gaming, the trial for the three men in a case that has been branded as the “XBOX Slaying”, has begun in St Augustine, Florida.

Troy Victorino, 29, Michael Salas, 20, and Jerone Hunter, 20 are accused of killing Erin Belanger, 22, Michelle Nathan, 19, Francisco Ayo-Roman, 30, Anthony Vega, 34, Roberto Gonzales, 28, and Jonathan Gleason, 17 after Erin had taken an XBOX from Victorino’s home. The men beat and stabbed the victims along with a fourth teen who had previously agreed to testify against the man but has now backed out.

The defendants all face counts of first-degree murder as well as mutilating a dead body among other minor changes.

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