NHL O7 Features International Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the new EA Sports NHL Hockey game has just been announced and it features a number of International titles. The game will be released this September for every major console except the Wii and Playstation 3.

The soundtrack features artists from the US, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, and Sweden. Here is the complete list of tracks:
Anti-Flag / This Is the End (For You My Friend) / Pittsburgh, PA
Bloodpit / Platitude / Tampere, Finland
Cute Is What We Aim For / There’s a Class for This / Buffalo, NY
Gatsby’s American Dream / Theatre / Seattle, WA
Good Riddance / Darkest Days / Santa Cruz, CA
Goodnight Nurse / My Only / Auckland, New Zealand
Hurt / Unkind / Los Angeles, CA
Inkwell / Ecuador Is Lovely This Time of Year / Winter Park, FL
Mashlin / The Shore / Winter Springs, FL
Mobile / Montreal Calling / Montreal, Quebec
NOFX / Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing / Berkeley, CA
Pilate / Barely Listening / Toronto, Ontario
Pistolita / Beni Accident / San Diego, CA
Priestess / Talk to Her / Montreal, Quebec
Protest the Hero / Divinity Within / Whitby, Ontario
Quietdrive / Rise from the Ashes / Minneapolis, MN
The Hellacopters / Bring it on Home / Stockholm, Sweden

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