Atari Sells Driver Series to Ubisoft

Atari has recently decided to see its rights to the Driver game to Ubisoft for $24 million. Ubisoft Games not only received the brand name, but also all of the personnel who created the game.

“We are focusing the energy of the company on a select number of franchises in order to optimize their impact among consumers and increase shareholder value. In the driving category, we consider Test Drive our key franchise which will require more resources and attention to build it as a landmark of its genre,” said Atari CEO Bruno Bonnell.

Ubisoft was also very excited of this recent acquisition, “”We are thrilled with this acquisition which will allow us to add a prestigious title to our catalog and to enter into the driving games segment, one of the most important segments in the gaming industry,” said company CEO Yves Guillemot.”

Despite the bad reviews the Driver game series has been getting, it is still selling and earning profits. The DRIV3R game, the third installment of the series, was released last year and despite getting lackluster results, it still fared well in the marketplace.

The game is crossing into Hollywood as well as the game’s plot is becoming adapted into a movie by Roger Avary.

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