PSP Now Gets “Platinum Games”

The signature “Platinum Game” title, given to games that have sold a certain number of copies and are then sold at a decreased price, was recently introduced for the Playstation Portable. The concept of the “Platinum game” dates back to 1997 when it was often used with the Playstation. Microsoft adopted this concept and used it for the XBOX as well.

“It is exciting to be in a position to offer consumers Platinum games less than 12 months since we launched PSP, this is testament to the success of the platform,” said Warwick Light, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand. “Of all the consoles we have launched the PSP has enjoyed the fastest market penetration. We acknowledge that this is partly due to enormous brand equity we have built in the last eleven years, though the most significant factor is the experiences the PSP can provide from mobile gaming, to music, film and internet applications.”

So far, all of the flowing PSP games have become part of the Platinum Games club.

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