Wii to release October 30th?

This is just a new rumor that has been floating around recently and Nintendo has not confirmed this officially. It is speculated that the release date of the Nintendo Wii will be October 30th a few European sources are reporting.

French gaming website, Impact Virtuel, says that they took out a Nintndo executive for a few drinks and in general conversation, the executive slipped the release date for the Wii as October 30th. No further information was given about the release date so it is unclear where, or even if, the Wii will launch on October 30th.

This is the statement that the French gaming magazine issued, “For example, take a guy who is near Nintendo head office. Very near. Of course, for his own security, we won’t reveal his name…

…We’ll just call him Mr Jean-Claude Yakitori…

So, Jean-Claude Yakitori forgot that journalists have a huge skill of resisting alcohol, just because they practice a lot the press tours.

Between two Sak

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