PS3 Delivers “Movie Theatre” Experience

In an attempt to justify the extremely high price of the Playstation 3, Sony developer Hideo Kojima said that unalike the XBOX 360, the Sony PS3 will provide a “movie theater sound quality and picture” when watching DVD’s and playing games.
“The PS3 is a movie theater,” said Kojima. “You pay 1,800 yen and view a movie with great sound and a huge image. These aren’t movies that are remade directly from television, but video that’s been made for the movies, and everyone comes wanting that. Xbox 360 is watching a DVD at home. It’s for people who want to watch a movie, but anything is okay. The Wii is a television program. You turn on the television, and you can watch soccer or watch a variety show — enjoy a program lightly.”
Kojima went on to say that the Playstation 3 is a system of the future and that the Nintendo Wii, although it is interesting, it uses old concepts and there is nothing new about it. He also addressed the price of the system claiming that “its not cheap”, but its features are worth the high cost, and addressed the high cost of manufacturing games for the console. “Making games for the PS3 will of course cost money, but if you put a stop to that, what will happen to the game industry? Is it okay if everyone just makes variety-style games? It will become like television is now. Comedians make an appearance in a quiz-style show — that’s not culture.”
We will have to see if Sony is able to convince consumers to dish out $600 for the console come this fall.

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