FIFA Online Breaks Records in Korea

In Korea, the PC Game FIFA Online has broken records for online gaming. The game was released May 25th, just before the start of this year’s World Cup and now, at any one moment in time, tens of thousands of avid gamers are playing FIFA Online. The most players who were online playing at any one point was over 100,000, while around 200,000-300,000 people login every day to play against competitors.

“We worked hard to get the game up and running in a time frame that allowed people to weave the online game into their overall summer soccer experience,” EA spokeswoman Tammy Schachter told GameSpot. “Although the game is not tied to the World Cup, it made sense to launch it in a time frame when the world is celebrating soccer.”

Currently, this team is only available in Korea, where EA Games teamed up with some local experts to put the finishing touches and promote the game.

“Partnering with a local expert to deliver an online downloadable game is a new and unique publishing model for EA,” an EA offical said. “We are thrilled to see that online gamers are embracing a sports title so enthusiastically.”

EA Sports, who created this game, has the FIFA license for sports games until 2014 and plans to launch new games such as this one in the coming years.

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