Microsoft Confirms that it has No Plans to Decrease Price of XBOX 360 in Near Future

We recently posted about the rumored price drop in the XBOX 360 this fall to make the XBOX 360 even more appealing to people looking to purchasing a console and to take away potential customers of the PS3.
Well, on his blog, Microsoft PR Manager, John Parcaro said, “As you’re all aware, there have been rumors of a price drop for the Xbox 360 coming along later this year. The official word from folks in the know is that there are currently no plans for a price drop this fall… It’s probably worth repeating that it takes a mere $299 (US) to join the next generation. You get hi-def game play, Xbox Live Silver for free, DVD movie playback, and MP3 player integration so you can listen on the awesome system you have hooked up to your home theater speakers. You can add a hard drive and wireless controllers when you have a few extra bucks.”
So, it looks like those waiting for a price drop can kiss those wishes goodbye but the 360 still is a very good deal on the market at just $299, especially compared to the PS3’s $600 expected price tag.

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