Major League Gaming

A new sport is picking up steam, yes there is now professional gaming, and the money is pretty good too. Major League Gaming, MLG, just made a major announcement by paying $1.25 million to five young Halo 2 superstars to support this new league over the next three years.

The league has already got a number of large sponsors including Game Stop, Boost Mobile, Scion, Red Bull and others.

Matthew Bromberg, the COO and founder of Major League Gaming, said that the game would not be a free for all where anyone who could pay over an entry fee could play in the league, because that would make the MLG, one massive tournament. Instead, he stated that the league was a collection of over 100 of the best gamers in the US and would compete in a pro circuit style to win the championship. This sport is organized like any other pro sport. The league is in its infancy but if it gains in popularity you can expect to see thousands of gamers fighting to get drafted into the MLG.

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