NFL Head Coach

NFL Head Coach will be in stores tomorrow, June 22nd, 2006. This game is a spin-off the regular NFL game and allows users to coach their way to victories in NFL matches. The game is unique and is the first of its king and many people are very interested to see what exactly the game is and what it can do. The game is perfect for any sports and NFL fan who has dreamt of coaching in the league.

This game just appears as a way for EA Games to keep capitalizing on their exclusive NFL license. The game features all of the coaches in the NFL including mastermind Patriots coach Bill Belichick, 2006 Super Bowl winning coach Bill Cower, and many more.

The game allows you to manage your teams training, create your own playbook and customize it to your player’s strengths, scout all your opponents and give your players film to review, and manage a full staff of assistant coaches and trainers.

It is unsure how this game will do in the marketplace but we will let you know how the game fares later this week at

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