Playstation 3 Bundles

Well, we may remember the expensive four figure bundles that were much discussed when the XBOX 360 was launched and now it seems as if the same will happen for the Playstation 3. just released a new bundle where they are offering a 60 GB version of the console, along with three games, Warhawk, Formula 1 06, and SingStar for just over $1000 at $1016. Now, the 60GB Playstation 3 is set to retail at $699.99 which makes the price for each of these three games over $75. Some XBOX 380 bundles cost nearly $5000 with one even featuring a plasma television!

The Playstation 3 is by far the most expensive gaming machine released and it will be interesting to see how it does on the market in the early months and what crazy bundles some retailers introduce.

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