Xbox 360 Hacking Continues

Let the hacking begin. Ever since the Xbox 360 was released, hackers have bought the console to break it apart and to make the console do things and perform functions it as not created to perform. Many people and computer technicians break apart their gaming consoles and change internal data which allows them to do a variety of things including playing pirated games and surfing the Internet. Hackers were able to change the data of the XBOX so that they could store games on the hard drive and instead of purchasing them, just rent them and have them saved forever. Now, Microsoft is not happy about this and it is illegal, but not much has been done to stop this growing trend.

No one has been able to hack the XBOX 360 yet but someone will soon do so. Many of these hackers say that they are attempting to hack into the XBOX 360 because of Microsoft’s bragging about the security of the console.

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