Blitz: The League $20

Blitz: The League achieves Platinum Game Status

The web Blitz game, Blitz: The League, the M-rated football game that does not feature any players, teams, or logos from the National Football League (NFL) as it had in past years (due to the exclusive NFL licensee acquired by EA Sports for use in the famed Madden NFL Series) , has become a platinum Level hit for the Playstation 2 and XBOX an can be bought for just $20 like all other classic games that qualify for this ranking. The game features suggestive themes, excessive violence, and the use of profanity and drugs, but has become one of the hottest selling video games on the market, especially among the older video gae audience. 400,000 copies of game must be manufactured in the first nine months since the release of a game to qualify for this ranking, but Midway, the creator of this game famous for its other arcade-style videogames, claims to have created well over 1 million copies of Blitz: The League.

The game has not been produced for the Playstation Portable or XBOX 360, but new games are in the production process for these consoles and are expected to be released sometime this fall.

We will notify you when this popular football series becomes available on third generation gaming consoles here at VideoGameNews.Org.

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