MLB 2K Series to Come to the Nintendo Wii

The popularity of the Nintendo Wii at the E3 gaming conference has led many game developers to looking seriously into launching new games for the console. 2K Sports recently announced that they would release the 2007 version of their popular 2K Baseball game series for the Nintendo Wii.

“The reception this platform received at the E3 show, you know, is one that makes us take a real strong look at it,” Karl Winters, the CFO of TakeTwo Interactive which publishes the game, said. “And as we grow our sports business, there are opportunities with our sports games to extend them to the Wii system, particularly if you look at baseball where we have exclusive arrangement, as well as, you know, some of the other sports games, which would play extremely well on the Wii product, the nonlicensed league ones.”

We will keep you updated on new major games which decide to release platforms for the Wii in the future.

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