New Street Ball Game Features On-Air Radio Personalities

A new game is being released soon by Ubisoft Games which takes many popular hip-hop radio personalities and places them in a new street ball video game for release on all major consoles sometime in the future. Radio personalities and DJ’s at WUSL Philadelphia, WGCI Chicago, WMIB Miami, WHTZ New York, and many others have already signed on to appear in the game.

“Bringing together the talents of both rap artists and radio DJs from the same regions has never been done before in a video game,” said Jay Cohen, VP of publishing at Ubisoft. “East Coast, West Coast, North and South; no matter where gamers are, we wanted them to experience the local vibe of the cities straight from the And 1 Mix Tape Tour. Introducing hot new music through the voices of radio’s most recognizable personalities makes the experience more true to life and engaging for players.”

The game comes from the And1 brand, which has become very famous for promoting all things related to street ball. The game will feature personalities such as Chuy Gomez and Big Von from KMEL-FM Oakland, Papa Keith from WMIB Miami, Sam Silk from WCGI Chicago, and dozens of others. Many of these personalities will also be featured in the games soundtrack and music videos. All radio stations are property of Clear Channel.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Ubisoft to feature DJs in the AND 1 Streetball video game,” said Michael Erickson, Clear Channel regional VP of programming for Northern California. “A large part of our audience is made up of gamers and partnering with Ubisoft to have DJs actually in the game, and then promoting the game on air, helps us connect with our audience through multiple channels.”

No set date has been announced for the release of the game and no further details are available at this time

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