Xbox Portable Gaming System Remains Unconfirmed

Bill Gates continues to remain quite about a proposed XBOX handheld gaming device. It has been speculated that Microsoft will in fact launch a portable gaming platform in the very near future to compete with the Nintendo DS systems and the PSP, which has been out for almost one year now. Yet, while hundreds of thousands of gamers await news on the new system, Microsoft continues to keep gamers in the dark. It is unconfirmed what this product will look like, its features, it price, its release date, or even its existence.

“I have no announcement to make today,” Bill Gates said just days ago after he was pestered about the production plans of a new portable gaming system. “We are looking at various ways to bring more to that space. There is a lot yet that hasn’t been done.”

We will all have to wait and see what is done and we will have updates of this as they unfold.

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