XBOX Backward Compatibility Updates will Continue

Recently, Peter Moore, and executive with Microsoft, caused concern for many XBOX 360 owners when he stated that the number of updates regarding backward compatibility for the new system would soon be coming to an end. These updates enabled gamers to play certain XBOX titles on the XBOX 360.

“Nobody is concerned anymore about backward compatibility,” Moore said, “More are coming…but at some point you just go ‘there’s enough,’ or ‘let’s move on.”

Yet, it now seems that Microsoft will continue these updates after much negative response regarding the discontinuation of these updates.

“But rest assured, we’re not done yet,” John Porcaro, a member of Microsoft Games’ global marketing team said on the team’s blog. “We know for a fact that there are lots of people who continue to care about backwards compatibility, including the ‘Emulation Ninjas’ who are working full time on the updates. And those of us posting on this blog. And, of course, many of you.”

Porcaro also said that they are hoping to make updates for a dozen titles over the next few weeks. We will keep you posted on any updates for the XBOX 360 console regarding backward compatibility or any other related updates as they occur.

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