Nintendo Wii Graphics: A Work in Progress

The Nintendo Wii graphics were considered the worst of the next generation gaming consoles at this year’s E3 gaming expo and although Nintendo received much praise for other aspects of the Wii, they came lasting graphics. Now, sources tell us that the Wii is capable of displaying much better graphics than those that were displayed at the Expo in May.

I think what you saw was just the tip of the iceberg of what the Hollywood chip can bring to the Nintendo Wii,” ATI Senior Public Relations Manager of Consumer Products, John Swinimer said. ( ATI is providing the GPU for the Wii) “I’m really not here to talk about the design specs… other than the fact that ATI worked closely with Nintendo. The team that worked on this chip also worked on the Flipper chip that was in GameCube, and they’ve been working with Nintendo for a very long time so there’s a great chemistry with the two teams working together. I really don’t think that it’s about the specs. I think it’s about the innovation that it brings to the table, the motion-sensing, the always-on capability, which is really cool too and the fact that the chip is powerful enough and responsive enough to be there at a moment’s notice, and I think that’s pretty cool for the average gamer.”

Nintendo has said that it is not done with developing its GPU. We will keep you posted as new screenshots and videos are released from the company detailing the console’s graphics.

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