Game about Iranian / American Tension in Production

Iranian and American tensions are high in the political world currently, and these tensions will serve as the basis for a new game that is set for release on the next generation gaming consoles. Reuters is reporting that the game will be based on the nuclear conditions between America and Iran. The game however, will be from the point of view of Iran.

This is not the first time political tensions have been used to help create the plot line for a game as recently Ghost Recon 2 upset the North Koreans as the game had the country invading China while recently, there was much debate over the plot of Mercenaries 2 just last week where the gamer takes the role of dictator over Venezuela. Games in the past have also been made on the Iranian / American relationship as well.

There is no further information currently available on this game and we do not know the exact plot line, price, release dates, and other information at this time, but will continue to update you here at as more about this issue unfolds.

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