Microsoft Introduces New Accessories for XBOX 360

The XBOX 360 is doing very well in the market, as consoles are continuously flying off shelves leading Microsoft to increase production again and again. Recently, it was announced that Microsoft would introduce a series of new and improved accessories for the console.

Racing fans should rejoice as Microsoft plans to introduce a wireless steering wheel which will feature force-feedback technology making it harder to steer once involved in a major accident and to make the racing experience on the console more realistic. Microsoft also announced that it would be launching a wireless headset for online play.

Microsoft also confirmed that it planned to launch the XBOX Live Vision camera, which it had showed prototypes for in the past. This camera will allow gamers to share photos, and “video chat”, among other things. This camera is still in the late phase of the production process and is expected to be launched this September. The camera will have a built in microphone, and unalike Sony’s Eye Toy camera, the XBOX Live Camera will primarily be used for online gaming.

Prices for these accessories have not been officially stated, but we can expect them to cost more than what they would if they were built for the old XBOX. My estimate is that the steering wheel will cost anywhere from $50-$80 and we will have more information on this as it becomes available.

It is expected that Microsoft will introduce more accessories for the console in the coming months; although at this time, nothing can be confirmed. Check back soon at for more information on this and continuous updates on all aspects of the gaming world.

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