Face off Against Jodie Kidd on XBOX Live

For those fans of racing games, especially Project Gotham 3, and supermodels, supermodel Jodie Kidd will be paying online and talking with opponents online, tomorrow, May 30th 2006, as a special part of a promotion by Microsoft to promote the XBOX 360 and Project Gotham Racing 3,the most popular racing title on the XBOX consoles. She will be racing online between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. GMT tomorrow. Now, due to demand, obviously everyone will not be able to face of against Kidd. Those who want to race her online will have to log in online with their Xbox 360 and add Jodie Kidd to their “Friends List”. A few will be chosen among the hundreds, even thousands of those who will log in tomorrow evening for a chance to play the supermodel. XBOX has gotten a series of celebrities to sign on and play gamers online as part of there “Game with Fame” promotion, and are expected to announce future chances for gamers to face off online against celebrities.

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