The All-New Playstation 3 Controller

The controller that Sony released as a prototype for the Playstation 3 at last year’s E3 convention was well… strange to say the least. The thin u-shaped controller just seemed uncomfortable and uneasy to use. Hence, many gamers are excited to see that Sony decided to create a controller that is nearly identical to that o the Playstation 2 and the original Playstation. The only difference in this third generation console’s controller is that it features a small button in the center with the Playstation logo on it.

However, unalike controllers of year’s past the new controller comes with built in motion centers that can be activated in certain games. Now moving your whole body to turn a car rather than just push the joystick in a certain direction will have an effect on the angle of your turn. This new technology seems to be a rival to that of the Nintendo Wii’s motion sensing controller.

The controller is also wireless and its ease of use will come as a relief to many Sony gaming fanatics who were terrified that Sony may have integrated the controller they released at last year’s convention with the Playstation 3.

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