The Nintendo Wii is gaining Popularity

The new Nintendo Wii has been garnering much praise in all parts of the world and is expected to be a hit with gamers everywhere, especially since Nintendo recently announced that the game will cost less than $250.

In a recent poll conducted by the Weekly Famitsu, it was found that gamers were most excited to learn about the Nintendo Wii at the E3 gaming convention which took place earlier in May. Just under 70% of all participants were more interested in the Wii and any other gaming console. Nintendo has been targeted primarily to the younger audience in the past but the new Wii is expected to be a big hit with gamers of all ages when it hits the market place. In other polls that were conducted at the E3 gaming expo, it was found that gamers were most interested in games such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and other Wii titles.

Now, no pricing announcement has been officially made at this time, but various sources are speculating that the Wii will retail at around $222 or 25,000 Japanese Yen. Nintendo is planning to ship over six million copies of the console before the end of the 2006 year. Nintendo is expected to release an official price very soon.

The Wii seems to be gaining popularity in its pre launch stage but we will see how Nintendo fares once the Wii is introduced to the market this Fall.

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