We Love Katamari Box Art

We Love Katamari. We all love it! Katamari Damacy was a huge hit last year, launching for only $19.99 and including some of the quirkiest gameplay since… ever!

Now the sequel; “We Love Katamari” is only 3 weeks away and is hoping to return the addictive gameplay to the states the same way it is doing in Japan as we speak. The strange game doesn’t ship until September 6th, but until then, you can stare at the equally strange box art:

Click Here to pre-order We Love Katamari from EBgames.com
Click Here to pre-order We Love Katamari from Gamestop.com

  1. tomoyochan
    August 19, 2005

    🙂 It's so cute. 2 player co-op is awesome!

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  2. Jesse
    August 19, 2005

    Oh man I loved the first one I can't wait to get this one too. I got my preorder in asap.

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